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AtGames Being Sued By Walgreens For Breach Of Contract

AtGames who I recently reported on being sued by Bandai Namco for numerous reason, is also being sued by the chain of pharmacy stores, Walgreens. The lawsuit alleges that AtGames is in breach of contract with Walgreens concerning their agreement for guaranteed sales and returns of unsold products.

Walgreens is claiming they have returned approximately 66,548 units of AtGames products under this agreement and has not received the agreed return of money under their contract. They are seeking $1,618,816.68 in damages.

The lawsuit was filed back on 8/16/2019 and AtGames has yet to file a response to the claim, instead they have filed an extension to have until 10/10/2019 to submit a response.

The 7 page court filing can be seen here.

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