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AtGames Investment In Ms. Pac-Man To Be Useless! New Court Documents!

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

AtGames Responds!

The lawsuit filed by Bandai-Namco against AtGames continues to be an interesting topic to many as the fate of Ms. Pac-Man is something that means a lot to many people. Just yesterday 10/31/2019 AtGames filed a response to request to dismiss Bandai-Namco's request for a preliminary injunction.

Previously we covered the lawsuit and provided the initial court documents here if you'd like to get caught up on the website or in my video below.

In this new document filed by AtGames states essentially Bandai-Namco wants to punish them for obtaining the GCC rights to Ms. Pac-Man according to their proof in exhibit "A".

" AtGames has the opportunity to preserve its current relationship and license agreements and potential future opportunities with Bandai Namco, so long as AtGames complies with Bandai Namco’s request, i.e. that AtGames rescinds whatever offer it has proposed to GCC relative to assignment of the agreement between Bandai Namco and them, and refrains from any other efforts to interfere with the contractual relationship between Bandai Namco and the GCC successors. If that commitment is not forthcoming by close of business today, i.e. by 6:00 pm Pacific today August 27, 2019, BNEA will immediately terminate its current license agreements with AtGames, and will permanently remove AtGames as a partner with which it conducts business. Bandai Namco hopes that AtGames will make the decision to correct and preserve its relationship with Bandai Namco. "

"In the meantime, to help AtGames make its decision, we take this opportunity to reiterate that, should AtGames acquire GCC’s interest in Ms. PAC-MAN, pursuant to current agreement with GCC, Bandai Namco can ensure that AtGames investment will be useless. AtGames can be promised that continued actions will be taken by Bandai Namco to ensure that there is zero income stream delivered pursuant that agreement, as has already been contemplated and decided by Bandai Namco, even prior to AtGames involvement in the situation."

This court case definitely appears to be a heated one and I will remain keeping a close eye on anything that occurs. Checkout AtGames request to dismiss the injunction in their latest court filing below.

See my video commentary on AtGames legal response in my video below.

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Not sure if you'll see this comment, but I recently remembered the lawsuit and browsed around for updates. I saw that there were a few developments mid-November on the Preliminary Injunction request made by Bandai Namco and counter claims put forward by AtGames. Here's the article:

Maybe you already knew about the progression, but I thought I might try and give you a heads-up anyway considering I found out about the matter through your Youtube Channel. Anyway, thanks for the content. Keep up the quality work!

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