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BOBL - A New NES "Metroidvania" Game

Do you like playing games on your NES and have an Everdrive? Maybe you play NES using emulation or just enjoy the style of game the console has to offer?

Well Morphcat Games, the creator of one of the best multiplayer games on the NES from any era "Micro Mages" is back with a new Metroidvania style platformer called "Böbl". I'm not quite sure how you pronounce that title but Böbl is definitely a game worth trying out. It's quite short clocking in at about 30 minutes of gameplay but its a really well done expeinmce where you play as a bubble starting out in the water. The mechanics are you use buoyancy to your advantage to jump over platforms but can not touch a hard surface or you will pop. These mechanics alone make the game fun and when you add on the slick graphics (for the limitations of the NES) you have something pretty special in the works.

I would personally love to see a much bigger experience using this same concept. Think Metroid length but I am also glad to have what we have now. Plus the game is FREE. Yeah you read that right. Download it for your favorite emulator, everdrive, or MiSTer device.

If you're interested in seeing the game in action you can with a quick video review of Böbl here as well.

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