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Crypt Stalker - New Hidden Gem?

So after playing midnight castle succubus last week the algorithm on Steam decided I needed to try a game that’s kind of in the same vein called Crypt Stalker.

As it turns out, Crypt Stalker is a pretty fun "Castlevania" meets "Vice: Project Doom" clone. The developer known as Sinclair Strange has made a game that captures the look and feel of a classic NES game. Not only did he stick to the limit of the NES sprites and chiptunes but to add more authenticity he made the cut scenes not quite make sense as if they were a bad translation. The only thing out of place is this new classic is in widescreen and you have to play it on your pc for now.

The game itself ranges from 2 to 3 dollars depending on if steam is running a sale or not. Either way, it’s worth it if you’re into this type of game. So I thought I’d share with you because this one is a hidden gem.

One of the coolest features is you get a few bonus modes including this Nintendo GameBoy inspired version of the game. It's all new levels but essentially a demake of the main game.

If you want to see the game in action I have made a quick video review for you here:

Also here is the Steam page for the game as well:

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