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Happy Halloween it's Midnight Castle Succubus

- Halloween comes around once a year and many gamers decide to try their hands at classic horror games such as the Castlevania franchise during this holiday. The gameplay to this classic 8 and 16 bit series has been widely influential on modern gaming and people to this day are still demanding games in this genre. The crowdfunded Bloodstained series proves this and recently even had a sequel released for its throwback series.

Why bring this up? It was recently brought to my attention a game in this genre was released on steam called Midnight Castle Succubus. The person who hipped me to this didn't give much information other than it's a fun Metroidvania which would work well for our channel. This being said, I wasn't really too shocked to find it's a Castlevania clone with a twist... an adult orientated twist!

This game can get pretty lewd with its gallery pin ups, dialog, and even death animation. However, if you just want to play a straight up good Castlevania clone you can turn off all the adult stuff and do that as well. Either way you want to go, the sprite work and gameplay are fantastic. The storyline is a bit odd and confusing but it makes up for that with the boss fights and play control.

All in all if you are looking for a game off the beat and path, yet familiar, to play this Halloween you could do much worse than to try Midnight Castle Succubus.

Check out this video review to get an idea of what you're in for.

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