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Metal Storm Collector's Edition Pre-Orders Begin

Metal Storm is an interesting NES title in that it was originally released in the US over a year earlier than it was in Japan. The game was developed by Tamtex and originally published by Irem back in 1991. When it was released in Japan it saw a few changes. It included a full intro sequence not seen without a code in the original NES release. Some of the color pallet was changed between releases and the Japanese version is regarded as the more difficult version. The Japanese release also has a slightly different ending.

With retro games seeing re-releases in many forms it is really exciting to see the Japanese version of Metal Storm get a NES re-release from Retro-Bit in an awesome Collector's Edition package! The preorders go live 9/17/2019 at 8am PST.

Their will also be a standard edition released as well. The Collector's Edition will retail for $69.99 and the Standard for $44.99. Original copies of the game for both the Nintendo Entertainment System and Famicom both sell for hundreds of dollars on places like ebay!

The Collectors Edition will include the following:

-Metal Storm 8-Bit Cartridge with dust cover compatible with original NES® and Retro-Bit® consoles

-Hard Embossed Collector’s Box to safely store all collectibles

-Collectible retail box to keep your cartridge in pristine condition

-Retro-Bit Limited Edition Enamel Pin 

-Full-color instruction manual with all information to enhance gameplay

-Numbered Certificate of authenticity

-Original Metal Storm Art Prints

-Exclusive Double Sided Poster

-Collector’s figurine of M-308 Gunner

Preorders will be available through CastleManiaGames here:

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