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MiSTer News! Game Boy Advance Core Released! Sega CD and PSX Announced!

It's been a big week in MiSTer FPGA news. The week began with an announcement and a video demo being shown off for the Sega CD MiSTer core by srg320 running Sonic CD. This could be the first of several cores which are based on CD systems. The natural follow ups being speculated at the moment are Turbo CD and perhaps 3D0 and CDI. It's also been reported a Neo-Geo CD core is being worked on by furrtek via Patreon.

A few short days after the the Sega CD hype train began a developer known as laxer3a announced on Twitter they had a PlayStation core in the works. A secret project over 7 months in the making. You can read their thread posted on twitter by clicking here.

If that wasn't enough excitement for MiSTer enthusiasts, today FPGA developer Robert Peip dropped the core for the Game Boy Advance. It was announced as a beta with most games functioning very well. Obviously now that this is out in the public and the bug reports roll in the core will become more and more polished. Right now you need at least a 32mb ram to run the majority of the games on the core with a handful of games requiring a 64-128mb ram.

Super Mario Advance with LCD Filter

The GBA core has some nice features already including Gamma Correction and a Fast Forward option. In short, gamma correction helps achieve the color we originally intended to be shown on the GBA as the original screens were different from the displays we play MiSTer through. The fast forward is helpful to speed through any unskippable cut scenes as it seems to push things to a few times faster than normal.

The MiSTer GBA github is located here: where you can find the core. If you use the updater script it should automatically add the core to your files. For more general information on MiSTer check out this Madlittlepixel playlist : Click Here

Metroid Fusion on MiSTer

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1 Comment

Joseph Rinaldi
Joseph Rinaldi
Feb 07, 2020

Hi, After watching your youtube videos I have managed to install most cores even the minimig, because I own an Amiga. But I am really struggling with the GameBoy color and the GameBoy Advance I don't really know where to get a working bios (bootrom). Can you give some hints in which direction I should go..thanks

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