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Original NES Ghostbusters Remastered!

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

NES Rocks!

Ghostbusters for the Nintendo Entertainment System was originally released in 1988. The game has continued to garner mixed emotions due to a lot of game design choices.

Now over 30 years later we have a new remaster of the game that fixes the problems people had with the original release!

Ghostbusters remastered!

This romhack comes from and took him over 2 years to make!

The following are among the fixes that heavily improve this game and make it a must play!

– Overhauled graphics: 99% original. Character sprites and slimer adapted from The New Ghostbusters 2 (Famicom). – Doubled performance on many sections of the game. – Much improved gameplay/controls everywhere. – Heavily rebalanced game design. – Countless bugs fixed.

To see the game in action and for side by side comparisons check out the newest video from Dan Bee of The Game Beaters! Click here or check the video below!

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