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Pac-Man Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Style! Rom Patch!

TMNT Pac-Man!

Sometimes inspiration comes from a simple but intriguing Tweet from the official TMNT Twitter account. Yesterday afternoon the TMNT account posted the following image which inspired Youtuber John Riggs to take action!

After seeing this tweet he went to work making it a reality! Today he has provided us with his completed rom patch turning the original NES Pac-Man game into a TMNT themed version instead! I have tried this rom out and it is definitely a neat one. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle & Pac-Man fans should be happy to check this one out!

In order to use this rom patch you will need an IPS patcher and the NES Pac-Man rom file named Pac-Man (U) [!].

You can use this online IPS rom patcher located here.

The Pac-Man TMNT Rom Patch can be downloaded here.

Check out John Riggs Youtube channel for more interesting content concerning retro games, hacks, homebrews and one of his most well known series "Open Cart Surgery" here at

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