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Play 50 New NES Games Now!

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

This week marks the Nintendo entertainment system’s 35th anniversary in the United States. If you grew up with the NES or if you're simply someone who loves video games, you understand the impact it had on gaming then and today. The last official game for the NES was released in December 1994 but that didn’t stop independent game developers from still making their own games for the system for years to come.

Fast forward to the present day. The NES is still quite loved and there is still demand for new games for the beloved system. So much so that a company called The New 8-Bit Heroes developed software called NES Maker which is designed with tools to make programming games for the system much easier.

Over the past few years the creators of NES Maker have nurtured a community of experienced and novice developers by hosting an annual Byte-Off. Essentially The bite off is when game developers submit their game to be played and voted upon for different categories and awards. This year there are 50 different games for you to download and trap for yourself on your NES using an Everdrive or emulator of your choice.

If you want to try this out for yourself, want to help the community by voting, or read more info on it click the link here:

Personally I’ve downloaded this and played through a handful and so far in the games range from surprisingly fun to entertaining for a few seconds, if just for novelty sake.

I recommend you try out "The Drunk Time Travelers Fiancé" which is a solid experience. If you’re interested I made a video review but you can watch here:

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