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Retro Review: Wild ARMs

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Rudy Roughknight

What do you get when you mix a Western with Sci-Fi and Fantasy? You get Wild ARMs, developed by Media.Vision on the PS1 in 1997. The first in a long running and great series on the Playstation platforms.

One of the first RPGs available on the PS1, this one is a perfect starter for anyone looking to take that leap into the genre. It has a beautiful balance of fun and gradual increase of challenge that keeps you interested and not frustrated. The length of the game on the other hand is a little long winded. At 2 separate times I thought the story was wrapping up, only to find out there was much more to discover and complete before the journey was complete.

Sound and Graphics. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME BEFORE WORK! You will be whistling the catchy overworld theme all day and co-workers will hate you for it. Kidding aside, the soundtrack for this game is very catchy, especially the whistling theme on the overworld. The graphics are 2D sprites on the overworld and dungeon maps and switch to 3D models for battles with the characters being described as "toons" by most fans of the genre.

Wild ARMs (1997)

The story in Wild ARMs centers around three 'Dream Chasers', wandering souls in search of adventure and excitement in the world of Filgaia. Rudy Roughknight, a mysterious boy with the ability to use ARMs (Ancient Relic Machines). Cecilia Adlehyde, a princess and fledgling magic user tasked with healing Filgaia. Jack Van Burace, a treasure hunter in search of the ultimate power. Along the way you'll fight in traditional turn based RPG battles using Rudy's different ARM attachments, Cecilia's learned magic, and Jack's sword techniques. You will also acquire tools that will help you solve puzzles and grab treasure in towns and dungeons, giving the game a touch of Zelda aesthetic.

Another wonderful RPG in the holy trinity years, 97, 98, and 99. Wild ARMs was the first foray for Media.Vision into the genre on the Playstation. If you enjoy this game, I highly recommend checking out the rest of the series and also the remake of this one, Wild ARMs Alter Code: F on Playstation 2. I, for one, hope to see this series make a comeback!

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