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Rom Universe Is Asking For Donations To Fight Nintendo.... Really...

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Romuniverse is the latest rom website to have the Nintendo Ninja's file a lawsuit. Nintendo recently filed a lawsuit against them on September 10th 2019 seeking damages for 100's of thousands of game downloads. The sites owner according to the court filing was known to brag that they would continue to offer downloads despite other sites removing Nintendo's intellectual property! The site is currently still up, but after the news broke the website is now asking for legal fee donations to help with the court proceedings!

The site was known to charge a $30 yearly fee in order to gain access to more downloads and uncapped speeds. If you didn't pay you could only download one game before the site would ask you to pay the fee to download more!

They need more money!

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1 Comment

It is so crazy when sites put paywalls behind downloading things like this, they will lose the fight.

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