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The Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro Has A Secret Feature

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Download More Games!

With the pre-orders for the SNK Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro going live in the US a lot of people still feel like not enough information has been shared. What are the brand of buttons and stick being used? Sanwa? Seimitsu? Generic? Specially made by SNK? Those questions may not be known until these hit the market, but I do have one small tid bit of news from a reliable source close to SNK concerning a feature no one has talked about, including SNK!

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According to a source I cannot name at this time the Arcade Stick Pro will include built in memory that allows for up to 2,000 more games to be added. This is a secret feature I have been told SNK may be announcing this upcoming Monday or Tuesday.

My source has given me information concerning SNK Neo Geo products for many months now that have all been proven true shortly after, but still this is not 100% confirmed as of the writing of this article. I am confident with the information my source has shared, but am still unsure how this will work. Is the stick simply going to be open to hacking and adding games from the get go, or is there going to be an official way to add games from SNK. SNK does not have anywhere near 2,000 games in their catalog. This leads me to speculate if this will simply support the addition of games compatible with the built in emulator, or are they courting other companies to offer games for download?

For more information concerning the Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro see my article here.

*Update! Looking over my notes from 1 of 2 sources who shared the same information with me, one of them did state that we will be given access to games from other system at a later date from SNK direct. Again no confirmation until SNK makes their own announcement!

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