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Baby Yoda for the NES!

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Hot on the heels of TMNT Pac-Man, Baby Yoda is a graphical hack of Dig-Dug on the Nintendo Entertainment System brought to you by Rigg'd Games. When I initially heard about this game I knew I had to play it. Being a fan of the arcade classic Dig Dug, an avid viewer of The Mandalorian, an admirer of NES hacks, and someone who enjoys star wars in general it just felt like a perfect combination.

You play as baby Yoda from The Mandalorian, and yes I know his name probably isn't Baby Yoda but for the purpose of this review and because it's the title of the game, this is what we will call the Child. Anyway, you are Baby Yoda making your way through the sands of what I like to believe is Tatooine, where you are using your force powers to burst Jawas and Storm Troopers. There are some fun details here. My favorite being Baby Yoda's facial expression and hand gestures when he uses the force. On top of that you have the cast including an R2D2 like droid stuck in the sand which replaces the falling rocks from the original Dig-Dug game. Also there is the Mandalorian himself who appears at the top of the screen as you progress which is essentially there to show you what level you are on. The higher the level the more corresponding Mandos appear. Then of course you have the Jawas and the storm troopers.

All in all it's a cute hack and another way to enjoy the classic Dig-Dug featuring some beloved Star Wars characters. Big thank you to Rigg'd Games for making this fun hack!

If you want to see this game in action check out this video:

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