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PowerA Fusion Fightpad Is Saturn Style But Overpriced!

PowerA Fusion Controller

PowerA has just announced a series of new controllers called the Fusion Fightpad for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One & PlayStation 4.

The controller is inspired by the original Sega Saturn pad which is nice, but I do have some concerns with this controller. Mainly my concern is the price. I have owned PowerA controllers for the Switch and while they function, they are not my controller of choice.

The first offerings from PowerA for the Switch were also wired controllers and were sold for between $20 to $25. My main issue with those were the buttons felt off. They just didn't feel good to me. They were delegated as spare controllers soon after buying them. Now I have no idea if these Fusion fightpads are going to feel good or bad, but what I do know is I don't like the price.

PowerA states on their website one of the reasons they went wired with this controller is because going wireless would be nearly double the cost. I find this to be absurd. So if this was a wireless controller it would be $100+? Ridiculous. I understand for fighting games a lot of players prefer wired for lower latency as that is very important to properly react against an opponent, so going wired is perfectly fine for the other reasons they stated. I think with the features I am seeing here this is at most a $30 controller. I for one will be waiting for these to be clearanced out!

Key features:

Six-button, arcade-style layout with ALPS action buttons for precise control

Toggle switches for D-pad and shoulder buttons enable customizable options

R bumper can be assigned as C-stick for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Highest quality floating D-pad design delivers responsive and smooth motion

Optimally weight balanced for a comfortable and solid feel in your hands

Two swappable magnetic faceplates let you switch up your style and color preferences

Inspired by the iconic Sega Saturn gamepad, revered by fighting game enthusiasts

Official licensed product with two-year limited warranty

Available on Amazon here:

“As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

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